Toys for Teeth was founded in 2014 by Dr. Tim Stirneman.

He has been serving his community for 30 years and owns a dental practice called Compassionate Dental Care. He liked the idea of Toys For Tots, but wanted to focus his efforts on directly helping the kids of his community.


After searching for the right local charity, Dr. Tim partnered up with the Boys & Girls Club of Dundee Township. Collecting toys for children was a great start, but if many of these under-resourced children are in need of toys, chances are they are in even more need of dental care.  So in addition to collecting a toy, Toys for Teeth also offers a free dental cleaning and exam for each child that is overdue.

Toys for Teeth Timeline 

•2014 - Toys for Teeth started from Dr. Tim’s passion to help the community! He   wanted to collect toys for local kids in our area, so he partnered with the  Boys & Girls Club of Dundee Township.  He soon realized the kids needed more than just a toy and he decided to offer a free cleaning and exam for every toy collected!  He collected about 50 toys in his office.



•2017 – Dr. Tim and Co Worker Jim started branching out to other business to help collect  toys, and seven businesses agreed collecting 100 toys. 



•2018-  They partnered with the Algonquin Lake in the Hills Chamber and 24 businesses collected 500 toys!  And they implemented the traveling trophy!!



2019 – Added the luncheon inviting businesses to learn more, they had over 30 businesses agree to collect toys, and they collected over  1,000 Toys! 



They deliver the toys directly to the kids at the Boys & Girls Clubs the week before Christmas.  Santa also shows up and sings Holiday Carols with the kids.  Fun is had by all!  We can only make this happen if you donate a toy to Toys for Teeth!